Hey fellow garage gym enthusiast!

I’ve been a member of many types of gyms over the years. I’ve made the rounds at globo gyms. I’ve joined mixed martial arts studios. I’ve kipped around many crossfit gyms (horrible joke). I’ve dropped into the occasional yoga class. Needless to say, I’ve joined every type of gym you could be a member of. No, I’m not a freak athlete, I’m the average person who seeks fitness when they feel like it.

Two plus years ago, my wife and I moved from the city to the suburbs into our first home. As with any major purchase, we reevaluated our expenses. At one point I was paying close to $300 a month for a CrossFit membership and a kickboxing membership. Right before we moved, I began to play with the idea of building a garage gym. I watched tons of videos on YouTube and read every blog I could. It was a bit overwhelming because I knew it would be a large investment and I wanted to get it right the first time. Most importantly, It was very exciting. Here, I had the opportunity to build a gym, or at least one within my budget.