Before You Buy Gym Equipment

If you are thinking about owning a garage gym, I recommend doing these things first.

Do your research

Before you start adding items to an online cart or low balling people on Craigslist make sure to research products. There are tons of product reviews online.

Create a budget

This is most important when you are first starting out. It’s very easy to go online, select everything you want and see a hefty price tag. Think about how much you are willing to pay and try to stick to it. I recommend annualizing your existing monthly fitness budget. This number can vary depending on the type of membership you have. For reference, a traditional gym is about $40 per month while a CrossFit gym is about $200 per month. That means for a full year membership you might be spending between $480 - $2,400. Starting a garage gym should be considered as a long term investment.


So now, you have a budget and you’ve researched what equipment you would like. It’s time to think about the layout. In my case, I have a two car garage that I wanted to park in. So even though I wanted a Rogue Power Rack, I knew there wasn’t any space for it. Similarly, you need to figure out parking, storage and equipment. This will help you identify the best equipment for you space.

You might have to go through this cycle a few times to refine your master plan before ultimately pulling the trigger. It took me a few months of research, creating a budget and planning. So be patient and figure out what makes sense for your situation.