Hi! I have a Garage Gym

In the past couple of years, if I’ve talked to you it’s likely that I brought up my garage gym in some fashion.

Person: “Hey did you catch the new episode of the Mandalorian on Disney+?” 

Me: “No, I was in my garage gym”

Other Person: “I have to show you a cute picture of my kid from last night”

Me: “That’s pretty cute, let me show you what I added to my garage gym"

Anytime I saw an opportunity to bring it up, I did. I don’t think I am alone in this department. This seems to be a common theme between garage gym owners. We are simply proud of what we’ve built and are willing to talk about it for hours.

The Blog

I wanted to start this blog to share my thoughts and experiences. Share some tips and tricks and to be honest about the good and the bad that comes with a garage gym. Frankly, I needed an outlet because my wife starting using headphones to drown me out. So I hope you will find some value in this content.